What Freelancers Need To Consider When Going Solo

The corporate world was never for me. I despise when internal politics run the show and how little control over your own life you have. It became clear that even with a good salary you still had less control over your working life than you might think. The impact of stress levels generated over the years, worrying about an organization that only saw you as a number turned me off quicker than flicking the switch.

The decision was made to go solo, to go freelance, to propatenu genta what hours I work and when I want to work and with that dream it soon became apparent that working solo had its disadvantages too… but I was in control of my own destiny.

What I Learned From Working Solo?

Discovering what niche to get into is harder than originally thought. Not only do you need to select something you are passionate about, you also have to find ways to motivate yourself.

Structure and following through is important, but one difficulty that was really apparent was having to work form home. When your home is your office and vice versa it because hard to separate the two… your home should be a place to relax, but that can be hard to do when you associate it with your work place.

Test Test & Test Some More

Hanging around waiting for others to give you the answers will lead to great disappointment. Even if you know and trust someone who is in the exact some niche as you, they still will not be able to provide you with definitive answers that will lead to sky-rocketing your model and income.

Testing things out on a regular basis is likely the most important thing you can do to increase the chances of your success… and do not be afraid to dive in and fail!

Failing is not a sign of weakness or being a loser. What ever did not work is merely something you know never to waste your time on again which ultimately gives you the opportunity to test something new… and you keep doing this until you find something that works!

Failure is your friend, not your enemy!

Ever Wondered Why Many Successful People Are Fit?

My biggest problem was keeping my body in shape. Not only is sitting around bad for you which can lead to future health issues, the ability to exercise also keeps your mind in good shape.

Removing overwhelm and brain fog can increase your working performance substantially, not to mention make you feel good. It’s important not to feel “trapped” in your work and when that happens, then be sure to force yourself to go for a run and let that oxygen flow through your body and mind.

It is estimated that you can increase your work efficiency by 15% by exercising 3 times a week… so it really is a no brainer to do this as you stay healthier, fitter and can do more work within the same time frame!